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Procedures and Rules


  1. Function:


    1. The President-Elect serves as a member of the Council, participates at the request of the President in the general supervision of Network activities, represents the Network at the request of the President, and assumes the duties of President in the event of the absence or withdrawal of the President.

  3. Appointments:


    1. The President-Elect may begin appointing Chairs of certain Committees before succeeding to the presidency.

  5. Duties:


    1. The duties of the President-Elect are:
    a) To preside at meetings of the Council and of the membership in the absence of the President;
    b) To serve on the Budget Committee;
    c) To assist the President with any projects, policy planning or other business affairs that the President might designate;
    d) To serve as Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee.
    e) To serve as the Recorder of Action Items (the herder list) during the Council meetings