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Procedures and Rules


  1. Membership Business Meeting
    1. The Network membership business meeting will be held in conjunction with the biennial conference. If required, a special business meeting of the membership may be called and held virtually.


    2. The President officiates at all such meetings or arranges for an alternate, following the same order of succession as for Council meetings (see II.G.3.).


    3. Notice of upcoming business meetings must be sent to the membership at least 30 days in advance of the meeting by the Secretary/Treasurer.

  3. Conferences
    1. The Network holds program conferences approximately every two years to provide educational and professional development opportunities for the membership. Conferences are usually held in the Spring of even numbered years, however there may be circumstances or opportunities arise that permit moving the conference date.


    2. Policies and guidelines for the organization of conferences are developed by the Council and implemented by the Conference Committee.


    3. Conferences may be sponsored in cooperation with other agricultural or information organizations if such cooperative ventures are in the best interests of the membership.


    4. The Council must approve agreements with co-sponsoring organizations before conference planning can begin.