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Procedures and Rules Contents



Procedures and Rules


  1. Identification, Establishment, and Delegation of Powers:


    1. Standing Committees are Awards and Honors, Budget, Bylaws, Communications, Conference, Legislative and Government Relations, Membership, Nominations and Elections and Preservation and Digital Library.


    2. The Council may establish additional Standing and Special Project Committees.


    3. Additional Standing Committees are established when the Council decides there is a long-term continuous need for a committee to function in an area not already covered by one of the Standing Committees identified in the Bylaws or these Procedures and Rules. These additional committees are subsequently identified and described in the Procedures and Rules according to the charges given to them by the Council.


    4. Special Project Committees are appointed to fulfill specific objectives of the Network. They may be of short or long-term duration, according to the parameters of the project; their activities are subject to annual review by the Council and they continue to function as USAIN committees only so long as the Network continues to support the objectives they were established to fulfill.


    5. All Committees are responsible to the Council, which delegates such powers and functions to them, as the Council finds desirable for the conduct of business and achievement of objectives.

  2. Composition and Organization:


    1. The Chairs and members of all Standing and Special Project Committees must be Individual Members of the Network or the designated representatives of Institutional Members.


    2. The Chairs of all Standing and Special Project Committees should be actively involved in USAIN activities and should have served previously on committees they are appointed to Chair (if at all possible).


    3. The Chairs of all Standing Committees except the Awards, Budget, Bylaws and Nominations Committees are appointed by the President and serve for one year. They may be re- appointed, but no member may chair any one Committee for more than four consecutive years.


    4. Members of all Standing Committees may be appointed either by the President or by the Committee Chair; appointments are for two years, and members may be re-appointed, but may not serve continuously on any one committee for more than four years.


    5. A Chair or two co-chairs and the members of each Special Project Committee are appointed by the President; appointments to long-term Special Project Committees shall be made to provide continuity of membership; the President may solicit recommendation from current or past members of a Special Project Committee when making appointments.


    6. The President shall either serve, ex officio, on all Special Project Committees or designate another member of the Council to serve.


    7. Each Director is assigned Standing and/or Special Project Committee Liaison responsibilities as determined by the President.


  4. Duties and Responsibilities:


    1. All committees report annually to the Council on activities, expenditures, and future plans; they also provide additional reports at the request of the Council or the President.


    2. All committee chairs:

    a) Maintain and publish on the USAIN web site an up-to-date list of the committee's members, including their years of service and any subcommittee assignments.

    b) Prepare an annual estimate of committee expenses, to be included in the budget developed by the Budget Committee.

    c) Review the appropriate sections of the Procedures and Rules at the conclusion of their terms and submit proposed corrections and revisions as needed for inclusion in the next edition.

    d) Arrange for the transfer of committee files to their successors or to the Network archives.

  5. Expenses:


    1. The Network provides the following financial support to each Committee:
    a) Funding for such expenses as postage and telephone calls, when not covered by the Committee members' organizations.
    b) Other expenses as authorized by the Council.